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Nintendo 64 Game codes
Many N64 Codes...
Click HERE if you would like to go directly to my N64 picture library
This section is Currently under Construction, Thanks.
But Here are some other good places to check out.
N64hq.com ----Very good place for N64 codes and walkthroughs
Nintendo.com ----THE place it all happens at... A VERY GOOD SITE!!!

Click HERE if you would like to view my Game Genie Codes.

Game Genie is the video game enhancer from Galoob, first introduced in 1991 and available in five different models for the Sega Genesis and Game Gear systems, the Nintendo Entertainment System, the Super Nintendo Entertainment System and the Nintendo Game Boy system.

With Game Genie video game enhancer, you can change and customize game play and create special effects on many popular video games. For example, you can have more lives or weapons, start on any level of the game, jump higher, be invincible, and more. The changes you make with Game Genie are not permanent, and disappear when the power to the game deck is turned off.

Galoob.com ----THE makers of Game Genie!

Click HERE if you would like you use my links.
I have a TON of Links, Please Check'em out.

Click here to go to my STARFOX 64 homepage
A lot of Sarfox 64 Pictures, Codes, and sounds!!!

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